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Information and Computer Technology
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We are in the process of creating a website. The process should take a couple of months, meanwhile we ask that you bear with us and send us any comments you have about our new site. Thank you.


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We are currently experiencing some stability as well as DNS problems this server. The problem is currently being corrected. Until then, please bear with us!

Until further notice we are known as www.technology.niagarac.on.ca on IP address

This server now has auto-restart capability. If the server fails, it will automatically restart and will become available within two minutes.

Information and Computer Technology Division
Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology
P.O. Box 1005, 300 Woodlawn Road
Welland, Ontario, Canada L3B 5S2
Tel. 1(905) 735-2211 Fax 1(905) 735-7669

E-mail info@technology.niagarac.on.ca

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